Sometimes it's the oddest thing that brings us pleasure. I would say one of my favorite things to do right now is to play volleyball. I get to play once a week for about two hours. When I'm the court I just have funny and forget all the difficulties in the world. It's great, definitely the highlight of my week.
Looking at me you probably wouldn't peg me as a volleyball player, I'm not that tall, and am getting up there with more years than I really want to claim but, you know what, I can still play a pretty descent game.
So, I'm encouraging everyone to find something you enjoy, or used to enjoy, and get involved. Have some fun in your life. By the way you will find in several of my books the heroines play volleyball, I wonder why.
Have a great week.
Alysia S. Knight
Heroes for all times.


05/05/2016 3:42am

Volleyball is my sport, actually I’m not also tall, but I can give you the game that will make you excited and of course a thrill and one a kind decent game. I love watching a volleyball game because the feeling of being nervous and intense all the time is such a magnificent emotion for me. I always ask my friends to come over at my house and play volleyball which literally my kind of stress reliever.

02/01/2017 11:52pm

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