It's been a while since I blogged as to some big changes in my life. 
The main one being the lose of the man I loved and had been married to for 33 years. He was my friend, my partner and a good match for me. I was very blessed.
He was the the example of what I write about. A man of honor, hard working, loyal, serving, adventurous. He loved the outdoors and sports.

After what I've gone through, I've decided to change the theme of my blog to Life's an Adventure.
So occasionally I'll blog about writing because that is a part of who I am, but it will have much more of the things I like to do, the adventures I've had and the some of my dreams for the future. I hope you will join me for the wide array of what's to come because -
Life's an adventure with love along the way.


05/01/2016 8:54am

Sorry dear for the loss of your husband. From the way you describe him he is a real sweet heart, I hope you at least find companion soon. I will always come to your page to read. I love to learn about writing too. I will surely join you for the adventure.

01/03/2017 10:09pm

You are really sweet. I'm sorry to hear though for the loss of your husband. I was really moved by your words about your husband. I can say that you really love him. I am amazed as well with your optimism. Life is indeed an adventure. It is an amazing experience most especially when you live it with your loved ones. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story and everything.


Sorry to hear that, just be strong and keep going on with your life, we know that he's just right there watching for you. Losing someone is one of the terrible fear I don't want to experience, but eventually life isn't forever. I'm talking about the dying part. When someone dies, a part of you will also die. It really is hard to lose someone, especially your other half or family. I lost my mom 8 years ago and now I really miss her so much that I want to see her in my dreams and hug her. Sorry I just want to share with someone that I really haven't moved on, but I keep my day with a smile to show people that it's okay.

06/19/2016 12:59pm

Carry on with the adventure.

04/21/2017 12:28am

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Gaylene Haws
10/26/2016 5:19pm


Gaylene Haws
10/26/2016 5:34pm

Alyisa I met you at Dessert Book by Ogden mall at a sidewalk sale.
I'm so very sorry to read of your loss. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know your husband will watch over you from the other side of the veil. Thank you for shareing your talent with the world. You bring joy into my life through the written word.
Sincerely. Gaylene Haws

02/08/2017 12:20pm

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04/21/2017 10:34pm

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07/05/2017 12:13am

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