As to how far behind I am, I realized I never did post the release of 
Aurora Rising.
Aurora is one of my favorites. After finishing it I realized it was going to get at least to prequels. I needed to get the people off world in Earth Rising, which I'm working on now. I will start Guardian Rising later this year I hope.
Aurora Rising is one of those that is a touch different. I take you to a Earth colony and into the future for an adventure and romance.
I hope you'll give it a chance and enjoy it.
In a world where everyone has talents, every child is tested at puberty, carefully screened to help guide them into the field that would coincide with their natural strength and interest. Degrees of talents normally range from low to average, but every once in a while one will spike off the charts, these special few usually become Guardians, protectors of the people.

For nearly two centuries guardians protected from natural disasters, accidents and when someone turn evil. Now guardians face their strongest foe, a guardian strength talent that is gathering a force of other strong corrupt talents to help him wipe out the governing council and the guardians so they can take over the world, turning it into a place where the strongest talents rule and the weaker would be subjected to serve them.

Aurora Straye is thrust into the role of being the protector she was born to be and has to stop a man of immense power who would enslave everyone to feed his ego. Taking her place as a guardian also lines Aurora up with the man she’s destine to love forever – if they can survive.


Congratulations Alysia S. Knight, you have done well, putting together 12 books as a read from here. I will love to read letting love win. Children are the most priceless gift to parents and their talents must be handled with uttermost care. Thank you for sharing this with use, my next book is letting love win or aurora rising.

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