To celebrate the release of 
Her Brand of Trouble 
the E-book of Blind Witness is
November 2, 3 & 4th on Amazon
 Sometimes the greatest challenges bring the greatest rewards. Rachelle Harris might be blind, but it is not going to keep her from helping her boss, Britton Clairbourne, stop a madman bent on destroying his company and killing him. Rachelle becomes the madman’s focus when she and Britt fall in love. It takes them both together to survive.



02/28/2016 3:28am

The Ebook of Blind Witness is so awesome. I like the content of this book and the way you shared it here. A lot of people like these amazing books that are good to say about the best stories.


The E-book of Blind Witness is great!The plot doesn't seem to be bothering. I recommend to read it again and again. You will understand this as soon as you touch this book:)

01/19/2017 11:15am

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01/25/2017 10:20pm

I've read the Blind Witness upon the release of it's E-book version and all I can say about the story is quite good. There are loopholes, questions that were left unanswered, and characters that were there for no valuable reason. But the plot was exciting! I've read many stories and have seen the similarities in their stories, but Blind Witness's plot was somehow different. I'll suggest this one to my friends who are also into reading!

01/27/2017 4:26am

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