SLC Readers Luncheon
will be held at South Towne Expo Center on

Saturday, November 7, 2015
I will be there and would love for you to join me at my table.
Robyn Carr is our keynote speaker.
I'll have a picture of the gift bags I'm working up later.Click on picture for link for more information.


09/30/2015 12:13am

It's a great news! I offer that everyone cook some food at home and brings to the Expo Center. Readers can enjoy and talk to the author and share in calm and relax atmosphere the feelings and emotions about books. I thinks everyone should like it and get many new friends and soulmates.

03/21/2016 7:44am

I'd like to join your community.When I click on the picture for more information, there is an error appears. How do I fix it?


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