I had a wonderful time at the LDS Storymakers Conference.
   There were a lot of great workshops and I thought for the next couple weeks I'd share some of the gems I received and my take on them. I hope maybe you can find as much inspiration in them.
There was so many great things, but the one that is most memorable to me was something the Keynote speaker, the talented, Martine Leavitt said in her address. To paraphrase as close as I in can.

  Talent is a dangerous word because, if you believe you have it you might not work hard enough to develop it, and if you don't think you have it, you might give up too soon for it to develop. 

There is a lot of truth in there. Remember even if you have a talent in something, you have to continue to work at. I will add-also enjoy the journey.
Alysia S. Knight


01/02/2016 8:46am

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06/02/2016 12:07pm

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