After the last year and the struggles I've ran into while trying to write and publish I've decided to start a new category. Roughing it out. The troubles and thoughts of things I've been facing, that might be some of the same challenges you run up against. I don't know if anything that works for me will help you, but I hope so. The biggest thing I can think of right now - Is just to keep on working at it.
Don't give up!
Even if it's a little a day, keep going.
You will never reach you goals if you don't try. 
Eleanor Roosevelt said:
I takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
No more just wishing. Set your goal, plan and make it happen!


Eh sometimes it is hard to follow all these rules, because with every single loss, we lose the faith! But looking at such examples as you we have what to keep trying for!


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