Beauty and the Chief

This fairy tale gets mixed up. When the Beast can’t get women to love him, he kills them. Beauty, interior designer Jillian Taylor, becomes his next intended victim when, while running with her dog, she interrupts his ritual killing. Jillian catches the eye of another suitor, Police Chief Mark Richards, a man of honor, raising his son alone after being abandoned by a wife who loves show and status more than them. When Mark sees the truly good woman, under what he is afraid is all glamour, love begins to grow. The real question is will Mark be able to save Beauty from the Beast to make his own happily ever after come true?



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08/25/2016 7:12am

I got excited upon reading the overview of the book. This is not just a typical love story, and I guess this book will put us into different emotions. I'm very curious on what will happen to the characters, especially with Jillian. I'll definitely look for this book and see how the story goes. Keep writing great stories and I'm very excited to see your upcoming works.


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