My Special Hot Chocolate

Start with your favorite hot chocolate mix or a real good one quality one. I prefer Stephens Mint Truffle, but any favor will work. You have the water real hot when mix it, then add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. It makes it so creamy. 

I use this is Letting Love Win and in Past to Die For 
I imagine it will probably appear more in the future.



04/14/2015 5:34pm

Thank you for the recipe! Now I will try it out! Maybe it will help me to concentrate on what I am writing and what I am doing!

08/19/2015 6:19am

I want my hot chocolate to be mixed with some peppermint that I harvested from my garden. It makes my day complete. Usually, I am all ready for my daily tasks, which include giving a lecture on my latest essay on a nearby college where I live. I was asked to be a speaker in one of the sessions. I readily agreed because I am excited to share my knowledge with young people.

07/16/2016 9:13am

Wow, this is a special kind of hot chocolate. It seems like a sweet and tasty delicacy. The mint truffle seems like a good combination with the other ingredients. The vanilla ice creams are only a cherry on top with all the other ingredients This a wonderfully made, creamy hot chocolate.


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