This months quote is from Albert Einstein:

Your imagination is the preview of life's coming attraction.

For me, it's more what's coming in my books, but I so love this.



08/02/2015 2:46pm

Education is the only thing that makes the poor people to become successful people in the society. Without the education the people of the society cannot able to become successful and rich.

02/01/2017 10:49pm

Imaginations are wide and limitless. For me imaginations are only for books. Imagination must be anchored with creation in order to produce it efficiently and effectively. This quotes not only teaches us about life lesson but also gives us some insights of what we can think of. I love reading books but I'm more into creation of things.

05/16/2016 11:51pm

I couldn't agree more to this quote! As the famous saying goes, logic can take you from A to Z but imagination can take you everywhere. Imagine how the world would be if JK Rowling did not, one morning at a coffee shop, imagine a little boy whose enormous courage and gigantic heart save the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and touch the lives of billions of dreamers around the world. Imagine if Walt Disney did not dance to the rhythm of his imaginations and disregarded Mickey Mouse and the different princesses. Then this world could have missed the magic that these imaginary characters can bring. So don't be afraid to imagine. After all, imagination is the reality of the dreamer.

11/13/2016 10:57am

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05/29/2017 1:14am

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