A quick apology, Sorry for not blogging. August got to be a busy month and I'm still recovering from it. 
I moved my daughter's family out that was living with us; lost my mother-in-law which was a sad, blessing for she'd been failing for a while. My other daughter and grandson were here for the funeral, so I got to spend time with them. Plus school started, so back to work. And, to top everything off, I was really concentrating on edits on Beauty and the Chief, getting it ready for release which should be the middle of October. I'll give more on that later. 
All and all, it was quite a month, but I'm getting back on track, so this week I will try to catch up on posts.


Educated people should help the poor people who are not able to learn their education. Education always a factor that can help the poor people in their future. Education gives them opportunities to make their name in the society.


You don't need to say sorry. For sure, my fellow readers understand the whole situation. Being a mother is really not an easy task and the lost of your mother-in-law isn't an easy situation at all. I can just imagine how painful it was to everyone to lose someone who became part of your lives! But life goes on, and I'm happy that you have finally decided to go back in blogging!


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