I've been asked quite often if I have a writing routine.
I write, edit or correct everyday a minimum of a couple hours usually. It depends on if I work that day. 

What I like before I start to clear my head is to play one game Mahjong (yes just one game)
while doing that I listen to Peter Cetera-The Glory of Love theme from Karate Kid. It's my song and my kids tease me about it, but it lets my mind know it's time to write. 
After that, so that's about five minutes, then I switch to the music that fits the mood of the scene I'm working on. The Piano Guys, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and Star Trek soundtracks are some of my favorites. That is usually all it takes to drop me into the world I'm working on. Certain books definitely have certain pieces of music locked to them.

Remember - everyone is different, you have to find what works for you. I know people who have to have complete silence, where I like music or will even put on a movie (one of those I've seen a 100 times). I also have a little bag of lavender a friend and follow writer, JD Steffensen, gave me that I'll pick up and smell to get me relaxed and set.  
Good Writing.
Alysia S. Knight - Heroes for all times



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