I'm excited to announce the release of my newest book released July 1st by Astraea Press.

All Kaira Baker wants is a new life for her and her son.  What she gets is a vandalizing old lady, death threats, and an infuriating sheriff who is the father of her son’s new best friend.



12/01/2014 9:32pm

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07/23/2015 3:50am

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03/06/2017 10:12pm

There's nothing bad I can say about the book! I'm so proud to say that I've witnessed Alysia Knight's growth as an author. I've read some of her promising books. She never fails to amaze me! I was also privileged enough to have read this "Kare for Me". It's exciting and the story itself will always leave you in awe. She was able to form a very strong character of Kaira Baker. I'll be waiting for more books written here!


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