I was helping someone the other day with the beginning of their book and this came up. Don’t give a lot of back story at one time; especially at the beginning of your book. You need to know the back story but we (the reader) don’t always have to. You have to hook your readers and if it takes three pages to get to the hook because of all the back story and setting you put in, odds are, they won’t get there.

Also remember each chapter should have a hook. Leave your reads hanging at the end of the chapter to have them turning that next page instead of putting it down.

Something I heard and really like is - in late, out early. This is ‘in’ the scene without giving a bunch of information. Take us right into the action. Then when the scene is done get out of it. You don’t have to give a large amount of wrap up.

Again I will stress- In late, out early.

I wish I could give credit where credits due, unfortunately I can’t but great advise.

Good writing. I hope you are getting your
250 club.



06/16/2015 3:26am

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01/19/2018 8:38am

I am a journalism student and this matter has been taught to us. As a writer, it is your job to tell a story in a beautiful way. You're not just there to tell a story, you have to narrate it as good as you can! It's pretty good to put a cliffhanger and leave your readers at the tip of wanting to know what could be the next chapter of your story. That's really interesting, and most of the writers know that it's an effective way of getting some readers!

01/14/2017 7:45am

Thank you for this wonderful tip. As an aspirant who's dreaming to write his own book, this would really help me. Leaving your readers hanging is an effective way to keep them wanting to know more about your story. It's one of the ways to catch not just their attention, but their curiosity importantly. Once I've reached the point of being privileged to write a book, I'll definitely use this technique!


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