How's everyone doing with the 250 club? 
Life has been so busy for me lately I'm having to resort to it myself to get any writing done. 

Our topic today is on writing scenes. We are an instant gratification society. TV shows wrapped it all up in 30 to 60 minutes-less with commercials. Gone are the long drawn out setting up of scenes. 

I like what I heard and wish I remembered who said it to give them credit, unfortunately I don't, but I'm going to pass it on.

In late - Out early.

This means obviously to drop us in a scene where it is going to catch us, hook us. Fill in what we need as we go without an info dump. Then when the scene is done, don't hang around a babble just to lengthen out the scene but get out and move on.

Think about it and watch in your writing. I'm not saying cut all extra just watch what you do and the reason you are doing it.

Good writing. Alysia S. Knight - Heroes for all times.


06/09/2015 12:14am

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