Like building anything, your story needs the basics-

You need a Plot – what you’re trying to do in your story. The concept of it.

You need to know what you’re building:

* Townhouse - Series   
* Single family - Stand alone
* Mansion - Epic novel 

* Etc.

You also need to know if it’s contemporary, historical, western, futuristic, science fiction or fantasy.

Don’t forget to add the purpose – Plot - man that word again, you really do need it.
Your materials - Characters
And a blueprint - Outline
Your Outline can be detailed or a rough sketch, that depends on you as a writer, but it does help to know where you are going. 
You need to know what rooms - scenes you are putting in to complete the story. 
  • Opening 
  • Beginning conflict 
  • Goal 
  • Continuous conflict on the way 
  • Big blow out problem
  • The dark period when it doesn’t look like in can possibly work out 
  • And lastly - resolution
Don't let this intimidate you. You don't have to have this all laid out now. The big thing is to know what your story is about. 
There are more break downs to this we'll talk about later, but if you can have these in mind when you start, it will go easier. Also you might want to think of the subplots. They make for differences in the story.



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