Kindness is like a boomerang - It always comes back. Unknown
Hint for the week:
Find a support group. 

Writing can be a lonely, frustrating business with many 
challenges to wade through.
I have been very fortunate to belong to a great chapter of RWA.

We have some wonderful writers have been willing to help and teach me.
I can't be more grateful for them.
In turn, I hope you be willing to help and do what you can support

 and make others successful. I don't believe it will ever hurt your success 
to help anyone else reach theirs.
You will meet those who are out for just themselves, but I think for the most part, writers try to help each other, at least that has been my experience.
Thank you to my many mentors.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. 
Dalai Lama




This months quote is from Albert Einstein:

Your imagination is the preview of life's coming attraction.

For me, it's more what's coming in my books, but I so love this.


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