To celebrate the release of 
Her Brand of Trouble 
the E-book of Blind Witness is
November 2, 3 & 4th on Amazon
 Sometimes the greatest challenges bring the greatest rewards. Rachelle Harris might be blind, but it is not going to keep her from helping her boss, Britton Clairbourne, stop a madman bent on destroying his company and killing him. Rachelle becomes the madman’s focus when she and Britt fall in love. It takes them both together to survive.

Just released!
Waking up married to handsome cowboy, Brand Morgan, is just the start of shy, wildlife photographer, Rachael Jacobs’ trouble. She becomes the target of a jealous psychopath and a police suspect, but with Brand watching over her, she manages to survive. When he takes her home to meet his family, she thinks their marriage might have a chance, only to discover that there is more to him than being a simple cowboy. After all his horse trailer probably costs more than her house. Rachael is suddenly thrust into dealing with the repercussions that come with affluence – an overprotective, suspicious brother-in-law, a lethal stalker, and living a life outside her comfort zone.


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