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Open to all writers and wanna-be writers (Public Welcome).
October 16-19, 2014  

Airport Hilton Double Tree
Hope to see you there.
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Don't get hung up on the small stuff. 
This is important because when writing we might want or think that it has to be perfect the first time. Accept that it won't. That is why there's what is called rough drafts. The only thing that can't be fixed is a blank page. 
Also know people have different opinions what a rough draft is. You will have to find yours. I am a very linear writer. I do a lot of correcting as I go. When I finish a rough draft it all tends to be there. It just needs a little - well, a lot of cleaning. Not everyone is that way. If you are having problems with some details, a paragraph, or a scene, instead of spending a lot of time on it, you might want to just mark it and go on so you don't waste valuable writing time or get yourself discouraged.
I have one friend that to me her rough draft is more like a very detailed synopsis. She then goes back in and reworks it. That's okay, it works for her. You just have to find what works for you. Remember - Don't get hung up on the small stuff.
Good writing.
Alysia S. Knight - Heroes for all times.


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