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Jessica Wellington flees her home to avoid being married to a man she despises. She disguises herself as a boy to join a wagon train. But, when she’s discovered, she’s forced into a marriage, except this time, it’s to a man she loves.
As a boy, Jess Wells disturbed Nathan Hawke; as a woman, his frustration knows no bounds. There’s no convenience in this marriage of convenience. Nathan must figure out not only how to make Jessica love him, but keep her safe on a trail filled with dangers, animal and human.


A wonderful review I had to share. Just what I need the I got out of the hospital. Don't worry I'm doing good, but this just made things better. For an author this is the best medicine. 

I think this is the first story I've read where the female love interest is blind. I admire the author for weaving Rachelle's blindness into the story and making it part of the story, instead of making it the focus of the story. What I mean is, Rachelle is simply a character who happens to be blind, just like another character might happen to be from Texas and speak with a southern accent. Nobody makes a big deal out of it; it just is. Her inability to see doesn't drive the plot, but it does add an interesting element to the story due to the limitations of what she can and cannot do. Even better, she's far from the damsel in distress: she's competent, independent, and determined to help her boss discover the identity of the anonymous caller who is threatening to take her boss down. In fact, in some ways her blindness actually gives her an advantage instead of putting her at a disadvantage. Very refreshing.

I liked Britt, liked how Rachelle's blindness was never an issue for him, how he recognized and respected the fact that she was independent and capable. He allowed her the space to be herself and never once condescended to her or treated her differently from anyone else.

The plot was skilfully woven, the suspense building up as the story progressed. I did think that they could have narrowed down the pool of suspects much sooner, given all the various clues that had been accumulated, but the exact unveiling of the who, why, and how was still a surprise and pretty satisfying. A minor disappointment had to do with Britt's security chief, Laslow. Because in the beginning Laslow seems to dislike Rachelle and disbelieve her accounts of the anonymous threats, I thought he was going to play a bigger role in the story, so I felt a little let down that he kind of dropped out of sight in the second half of the story. It was like a foreshadowing that led nowhere. At the very least, I would have liked to see his attitude towards Rachelle gradually change to acceptance, then approval... something like that.

Another reviewer mentioned "tons of grammatical errors" but I don't recall the errors, I only remember the truly memorable characters and fantastic plot. And I'm usually the sort of person who would notice such errors, so that tells you how gripping I found this story. This is the first story I've read by Ms Knight, but it definitely won't be the last!


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