Sometimes it's the oddest thing that brings us pleasure. I would say one of my favorite things to do right now is to play volleyball. I get to play once a week for about two hours. When I'm the court I just have funny and forget all the difficulties in the world. It's great, definitely the highlight of my week.
Looking at me you probably wouldn't peg me as a volleyball player, I'm not that tall, and am getting up there with more years than I really want to claim but, you know what, I can still play a pretty descent game.
So, I'm encouraging everyone to find something you enjoy, or used to enjoy, and get involved. Have some fun in your life. By the way you will find in several of my books the heroines play volleyball, I wonder why.
Have a great week.
Alysia S. Knight
Heroes for all times.
Chocolate and Crescent Rolls

There is very little that chocolate doesn't go with. As a chocolate lover I know this. Today I discovered something fun and easy that I'd like to share with you. 
I'm sure many of you have put a piece of a Hershey bar in a Pillsbury Crescent roll and baked it. Real great. Well, today I ran out of Hershey bars Sad day I know. I still had a few rolls left so instead of letting them be empty, heaven forbid, I decided to put Mini M & M's in the others. Just rolled them in. Mini M & M's are one of my favorite things, something I very seldom run out of unless my grandsons help me. Anyway they are absolutely wonderful in Crescent rolls. Maybe others have done this before but I've never seen it. I will suggest you try, that is if you like Pillsbury Crescent rolls, chocolate and Mini M & M's.
I think I will have to put that in my next book. Have a great day! 

Alysia S. Knight
Heroes for All Times

P.S. I hope all those who are reading Whistleblower are enjoying it.
For those who have been waiting for my next book, it's here!
Zan Master had given up finding the right woman for him until she runs into him, literally, in the middle of a storm. Now he just has to keep her alive. 
Marley Reynold’s flight to stop the company she works for from releasing a drug that would kill thousands of soldiers, lands her in the arms of a man she has no idea how to handle. Can she help him keep them alive long enough to blow the whistle and discover true love?

I really enjoy Whistleblower and hope you will too.
Alysia S. Knight
Life's an adventure.

When I was a young I dreamed of getting to travel and see some of the world. Coming from a small town in Wyoming, I didn't think that would be very likely. So I settled for dreaming and letting my mind take me on adventures to new and wonderful places future and past, even to worlds I could create. 
I enjoy the worlds I create, but I have been blessed to be able to travel. My first adventure was still when I was in High school to Mexico with the Spanish club. I thought that was going to be a once in a life time opportunity. Well, I've been back to Mexico several times and to different locations. So far, for Mexico, it is hard to pick my favorite spot. I've found interesting and enjoyable things in every place I went.
It has led me to believe a lot of our experience, I'm not saying all but a lot, is affected by our attitude. Like this in our lives, it is our attitude that flavors our life experiences. We can be happy and content, work and change, forgive and move on, or we can complain, be disappointed and miserable. When life gives us bumps and major problems it's up to us how we handle it.

A very wise man that I respected said, 
"Life is to be enjoyed not just endured."

This blog took a different direction than I'd planned, but I'm leaving it this way with the hope that you will enjoy life. That you will dream of where you'd like to go and what you'd like to accomplish in life then work to make it happen. I'll leave you with another quote I read somewhere and really like, 
"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."
As to how far behind I am, I realized I never did post the release of 
Aurora Rising.
Aurora is one of my favorites. After finishing it I realized it was going to get at least to prequels. I needed to get the people off world in Earth Rising, which I'm working on now. I will start Guardian Rising later this year I hope.
Aurora Rising is one of those that is a touch different. I take you to a Earth colony and into the future for an adventure and romance.
I hope you'll give it a chance and enjoy it.
In a world where everyone has talents, every child is tested at puberty, carefully screened to help guide them into the field that would coincide with their natural strength and interest. Degrees of talents normally range from low to average, but every once in a while one will spike off the charts, these special few usually become Guardians, protectors of the people.

For nearly two centuries guardians protected from natural disasters, accidents and when someone turn evil. Now guardians face their strongest foe, a guardian strength talent that is gathering a force of other strong corrupt talents to help him wipe out the governing council and the guardians so they can take over the world, turning it into a place where the strongest talents rule and the weaker would be subjected to serve them.

Aurora Straye is thrust into the role of being the protector she was born to be and has to stop a man of immense power who would enslave everyone to feed his ego. Taking her place as a guardian also lines Aurora up with the man she’s destine to love forever – if they can survive.
It's been a while since I blogged as to some big changes in my life. 
The main one being the lose of the man I loved and had been married to for 33 years. He was my friend, my partner and a good match for me. I was very blessed.
He was the the example of what I write about. A man of honor, hard working, loyal, serving, adventurous. He loved the outdoors and sports.

After what I've gone through, I've decided to change the theme of my blog to Life's an Adventure.
So occasionally I'll blog about writing because that is a part of who I am, but it will have much more of the things I like to do, the adventures I've had and the some of my dreams for the future. I hope you will join me for the wide array of what's to come because -
Life's an adventure with love along the way.

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